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The Start of Marvel Hairs

      There's no spectacular story behind this or anything like that. I grew up around hair. My grandma owned her own beauty salon and is still a beautician to this day. My mom does her own hair and my aunt has always been fascinated in hair-styling. All three of them attend hair shows all the time, and sometimes made me come. So how did I get involved in hair?

      Even though I'm not a female, I like seeing women feel good about themselves. Women really be feeling themselves after they get some new extensions or embracing their natural hair. If you don't believe me, pay attention next time to someone you know after they install some new hair or when they check their new-growth. The joy on their faces from feeling confident and receiving compliments are priceless. 

      One of my friends wanted to try some good quality hair, but all her friends referred her to places with obscene prices and, being a college student, money is real tight if it's not refund check season. After switching my major, I had to start taking business classes. After thinking about my friends' struggle, then came the start of Marvel Hairs.

      Marvel Hairs offers grade 8A, 100% unprocessed virgin hair for a more affordable price than other companies who sells grade 8A hair. Along with human hair, there will be t-shirts that capture the essence that is natural hair, along with some jokes, quotes, and lines that I like.

     Marvel Hairs will provide good quality, value awesome customer service. Take a look at our products. Whether you plan to order or are just browsing, just know that you are marvelous in everything that you do.